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Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is an active endeavor that calls for community-level commitment to repair the harm experienced by victims and reimagine systems of accountability for offenders. It acknowledges the humanity of all individuals and necessitates restoring relationships in bringing about justice. Practicing restorative justice may challenge the status quo, but it is something Illinois is capable of and must prioritize. That’s why I have engaged in leadership and legislation that promotes restorative justice in our communities like those mentioned below.

I am honored to serve as the Chair of the Restorative Justice Committee in the Illinois General Assembly. Just most recently in the 102nd General Assembly, I have sponsored legislation that supports victims and amends systems that violate rather than restore community relationships. These include bills such as HB5441, which fortified conditions for knowing consent in order to support victims of sexual assault and address inadequacies in the Illinois Criminal Code. Additionally, I sponsored bills that challenged the systems that perpetuate harm, such as the institutional roles in violence against Chicago women, as well as punishment procedures in Illinois schools.


Confidentiality of Statements Made to Rape Crisis Personnel

Cannabis & Felony Expungement


Task Force on Missing & Murdered Chicago

Women Act


Rethinking School Interventions


Rights of Sexual

Assault Survivors


Practicing Restorative Justice


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