Illinois poised to become 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana

"It is time to hit the 'reset' button on the War on Drugs," said the proposal's sponsor, Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy. "We have an opportunity today to set the gold standard for a regulated market that centers on equity and repair.”

“The state of Illinois just made history, legalizing adult-use cannabis with the most equity-centric approach in the nation," Pritzker said in a statement. "This will have a transformational impact on our state, creating opportunity in the communities that need it most and giving so many a second chance."

Source: The Daily Herald

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Illinois House Approves Expansive Abortion Rights Bill After Long, Emotional Debate

The governor released the following statement following the passage of the bill Tuesday:

“As a lifelong advocate of a woman’s right to choose, I applaud the House for passing the Reproductive Healthcare Act and urge the Senate to take swift action on this critical piece of legislation. With reproductive healthcare under attack across the country, we must do everything in our power to protect women’s rights in Illinois. I thank the chief sponsor, Rep. Kelly Cassidy, for her steadfast resolve in advocating for women across the state and country by carrying this bill. Today was a major step forward for every woman in this state and I look forward continuing my work as an ally by signing the Reproductive Healthcare Act into law.”

Source: ABC News Channel 20

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The IL Reproductive Health Act establishes that access to all forms of reproductive healthcare is a fundamental right

“Rick Pearson talks to Democratic State Rep. Kelly Cassidy of Chicago about abortion rights and the IL Reproductive Health Act (RHA). As surrounding states have been enacting stricter laws regarding reproductive health, the RHA in IL has been gaining more attention. Kelly explains the various issues this new Bill combats and the overall mission to allow access to all forms of reproductive health care. She also addresses many misconceptions that surround reproductive health and “

Source: WGN Radio

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‘Not on my watch’: As abortion bans multiply, some states move to affirm a woman’s right to choose

“To our neighbors in Illinois who hear the news around the country and worry that this war on women is coming to Illinois, I say, not on my watch,” Kelly Cassidy, a Democrat in the Illinois House of Representatives, said in chamber debate on Tuesday. “To the people in Missouri and Alabama and Georgia and Kentucky and Mississippi and Ohio, I say, not on my watch.”

In a rebuke to states curtailing abortion rights, the Illinois House on Tuesday approved Cassidy’s Reproductive Health Act by a 64-50 vote, with six Democrats in opposition.

Source: The Washington Post

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Illinois Bill Would Ban For-Profit Detention Centers

“There is an effort afoot to bring a private, for-profit ICE detention center to the state of Illinois,” [Cassidy] said March 22. “… We said ‘slow your roll. Hold up here. That’s not who we are, that’s not how we operate. We don’t believe in making money out of putting humans in cages, and we’re going to do everything we can to stop the advance of this effort.’”

Source: The Telegraph

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While Some States Are Restricting Abortion, Others Move to Bolster Access

“In Illinois, the Reproductive Health Act would establish reproductive health, including abortion, as a fundamental right. The bill has stalled since its introduction in February, and this week, its sponsor State Rep. Kelly Cassidy held a protest to call for movement on the act.”

“Cassidy supports the bill not just to preserve abortion access for the people of Illinois, she said, but also for the people from neighboring states, where restrictions are harsher, who go to Illinois for abortions. In 2017, over 5,500 women came to Illinois to get abortions, the Chicago Tribune reported.”

Source: ABC News

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State Democrats Demand Action on Reproductive Health Act

“Democratic lawmakers demanded their colleagues take action on a controversial, sweeping reproductive health care bill at a rally Wednesday just outside the Statehouse.”

“The [Reproductive Health] act, proposed in the House by Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, and in the Senate by Sen. Melinda Bush, D-.Grayslake, would repeal Illinois’ abortion law and replace it with what backers and detractors agree would be the most liberal reproductive health care legislation in the country.”

Source: The Herald News

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