Evanston to be Ready 'Out of the Gate' When Recreational Marijuana Law Takes Effect

Rep. Cassidy, whose 14th District includes a swatch of south Evanston, highlighted some of the features of the legislation and fielded questions from community members in a lively session at  the Eighth Ward community meeting at the Levy Community Center on July 30.

“…What we know in states around the country that have passed legalization – and they have done it prior to us via a ballot referendum...they’ve all been kind of industry-centric bills which have resulted in making a handful of millionaires in states but not really restoring any of the communities that the war on drugs have had an impact on.”

By contrast, Illinois law was done “in a slow and thoughtful and transparent way. We had dozens of town hall meetings, we had, I think 10 public hearings, hundreds of stakeholder meetings,”  Rep. Cassidy said.

Source: Evanston Round Table

Lea Negron