Illinois State Representative On Abortion Rights Bill

“Courts over the years have actually spoken directly to this (independent rights of fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses) . Without that provision, without that distinction, there is a risk that a fetus and a woman would be cast as adversaries from the very beginning of pregnancy. And so it's important that there be those protections so that a woman can carry out a pregnancy making her own independent health decisions, whether that is carrying a pregnancy to term or not. So that was one of the pieces that I think folks had trouble understanding,” said Rep. Kelly Cassidy.

“Ultimately, what we've been is defeated in a national election and seen the courts loaded up with appointees whose positions reflect that election outcome. And that's the fear - you know, that the president ran promising to overturn Roe. And looking at these appointees to the courts, it's pretty clear that that's one promise he's probably going to be able to deliver on.”

Lea Negron