With Legal Weed, South Side Neighborhoods Hurt By War On Drugs Will Get Economic Boost, Officials Say: ‘This Is Reparations’

“Cassidy, who co-sponsored the bill with Steans, believes the new law will be effective enough to address all the concerns about equity. Cassidy and Steans have traveled across the state, pitching their idea at town halls.”

“The bill’s expungement component alone is more equity-focused than any other state effort combined, Cassidy said. She admits that the plan is ambitious — records would be automatically wiped, with those convicted avoiding court appearances and fees — but it’s a necessary part of the plan to make whole the communities that were harmed.”

“Cassidy has been helping some members of the New York state assembly — who have struggled to get similar legislation passed — as they craft their own bill.”

Source: Block Club Chicago

Lea Negron