How 4 'Marijuana Moms' Led Fellow Lawmakers to Legalization in Illinois

“Illinois state Sens. Toi Hutchinson and Heather Steans, and state Reps. Jehan Gordon-Booth and Kelly Cassidy, all Democrats, along with the bill's campaign manager, Rose Ashby, a former high-school English teacher, succeeded in guiding and delivering the bill over a two-year period.”

“‘Illinois succeeded because of great leadership from strong, committed women and the collaborative approach they took to build consensus and then follow through after the meetings ended.’”

“Cassidy advised legalization advocates in other states to ‘stay at the table when it's hard not to leave, to keep talking throughout the process, and never give up, not just with your side, but with your opponents as well.’”

Source: Weedmaps

Lea Negron