Sponsored Legislation for 2016

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HB 4357- Uniform Civil Enforcement of Cannabis Standards
A reintroduction of a bill amendatorily vetoed last year, this legislation would create a uniform system of cannabis enforcement, replacing the current system which led to jail time and criminal records for possession of small amounts of cannabis. Would create a civil offense and fine for possession of under ten grams.


HB 4360- Reducing Barriers to Employment in Education
Eliminates lifetime bars to employment in educational settings that are created by certain non-violent offenses. These bars to employment close doors for individuals working to contribute to society. In many cases, it prevents the sharing of compelling personal stories that can positively impact the lives of children.

HB 6012- Cost of Incarceration
Current law allows the Department of Corrections to file lawsuits against inmates for the cost of their incarceration. In the most extreme cases, money received from working while incarcerated, or gained through lawsuits for violent treatment by staff has been attacked. These unfair lawsuits leave inmates with nothing upon release and encourage a return to criminal behavior.

HB 6014- Gang Contact as Parole Violation Repeal
“Gang contact” is currently considered as a parole violation, but is utilized in a very broad manner. It creates complications for parolees who may have family members who are gang members, meaning a simple ride to work could be considered a parole violation.

HB 6015- Narcotics Law Reforms
Establishes changes to narcotics laws, reducing arbitrary sentencing requirements and updating penalties to bring in line with similar offenses.

HB 6331- FOID Order of Protection Revocation
Allows the State Police to deny an application for or revoke a FOID card for an individual who is subject to an order of protection or no-contact order related to stalking. Allows for a pilot program in Cook County that would allow local law enforcement to serve notices of revocation.