Sponsored Legislation for 2014

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The following is a list of bills being sponsored by Kelly that have been introduced this year.

For a full list of bills she is sponsoring and co-sponsoring, please visit this page.


Sponsored Bills:

HB 5708– Marijuana Decriminalization
Reduces penalty for possession of small amounts of cannabis to a petty offense, rather than a misdemeanor, and larger amounts to a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

HB 5578– Tax Credit Moratorium
Places a moratorium on corporate tax credits, deductions or exemptions created by the General Assembly. Creates the Corporate Tax Incentive Accountability Commission to study the effect of corporate tax incentives, including the number and quality of jobs created.

HB 5658– Private prison Ban
Prohibits state, county and municipal governments from contracting with for-profit entities for the purposes of community correctional supervision.

HB 5569– Sexual orientation Conversion Therapy Ban
Prohibits mental health providers from providing sexual orientation change therapy for persons under the age of 18. This practice is opposed by all major psychiatric organizations and has led to severe problems for individuals subjected to it, including suicide.
Bill Would Outlaw “Conversion Therapy”

HB 5707– School Bullying Policy Reform
Creates a comprehensive standard for policies on bullying to be implemented by school districts including incident reporting, parental involvement and restorative measures.

HB 4715– Firearms Registration
Creates a system for registration of firearms with the State Police. Raises penalty for illegal transfer of a firearm to a Class 2 felony.
Press Release: Firearm Registration Bill
Cassidy Introduces Bill Requiring Illinois Gun Registration

HB 5570– Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
Requires employers to provide employees with paid sick leave days, accrued at a specified rate depending on size of employer.

HB 4411– Personal Needs Allowance Increase
Increases the monthly personal allowance for individuals living in certain types of assisted living (ID/DD and CILA facilities). Provides that the allowance will increase when cost of living adjustments are applied to social security benefits.

HB 4717– Urban Flooding Awareness Act
Requires the Department of Natural Resources, along with various state agencies, local water management departments and stakeholders to provide a report to the governor on the cost of urban flooding, effectiveness of infrastructure solutions, floodplain evaluation and strategies to expand flood insurance.
Press Release- Urban Flooding Awareness Act

HB 5306– Exonoree Compensation Increase
Raises the compensation amount for individuals who unjustly served time in prison.

 HB 5755– Referendum on Birth Control Coverage
Creates a statewide non-binding referendum on whether or not insurance companies should be able to deny coverage for birth control.

SB 2941– Cannabis Record Sealing
Allows for the sealing of cannabis related convictions under certain circumstances.

SB 3049– Protection of Wildlife
Adds bears, wolves and cougars to the State Wildlife Code, allowing for protective measures to be put into place.