2014 Constituent Survey Results

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As I begin preparations for next years session, I wanted to share the results of our survey. We received responses from almost 750 constituents sharing their opinion on crucial issues. The ideas expressed in the responses will guide the votes I take in Springfield. Last year’s survey results can be viewed here.

If you have any questions, or wish to further express your opinion on a piece of legislation, please do not hesitate to contact my district office at 773-784-2002 or at repcassidy@gmail.com.






Question One: 

(Note: The shorter the bar, the higher average priority)



Question Two: From the issues noted above, what specifically would you like to see addressed?

1. Pension Reform: 177
2. Increase in public education funding / education reform: 122
3. Marriage Equality: 118
4. Expansion of health care access / affordability: 58
5. Job creation initiatives: 52
6. Crime reduction strategies: 51
7. Increased alternative energy / environmental protection: 45
8. Make full pension payments: 44
9. Graduated income tax: 27
10. Reduce overall spending: 25


Question Three: Which of these would you support to increase Illinois’ use of renewable energy?



Question Four: Illinois state government now has an estimated $100 billion in pension debt. Most of the debt was caused by the state not making its correct pension payments. As pension payments increase, less state funds are available for education, health care and senior services. Which of the following changes would you support to help the state relieve serious budget pressures? (Check all that apply)



Question Five: If you could propose a new law or modify an existing  law, what would it be?

1. Marriage Equality: 90
2. Pension Reform: 64
3. Stricter gun control: 59
4. Term limits 45
5. Graduated Income Tax: 43
6. Legalize / Decriminalize Marijuana: 35
7. Increase education spending: 24
8. Ethics Reform: 20
9. Elimination / Replacement of public pensions: 18
10. Public transportation reform: 16