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Jun 3, 2016 Comments Off on Binder Full of Blondies Jon

As some of you may know, I embarked on a baking project this session. While it may seem frivolous, the goal was to get people talking to each other, to build unique relationships and to help reduce stress.

Read the first post below and check out the full experience here.

It’s May in Springfield and things are more tense than usual. We should be worrying about next year’s budget and we still haven’t passed one for this year. People are understandably frustrated – many of us are too. Talks continue and session follows its usual May pace of periods of frenetic activity interrupted by inexplicable periods of waiting for something to happen. There is a lot of very serious work to be done.

At the same time, we are here, away from our families and the truth is that the best way to accomplish that something big is to spend time recognizing that we are really all rowing the same boat.

So a rep from one of the most liberal districts in the state and her roommate, a leader of the enviro-movement in Illinois, hit upon the binder full of blondies. Here we will bake blondies (more on the ridiculous inspiration for that theme later), share a few drinks, perhaps more substantial sustenance, and maybe some real dialogue, with our fellow travelers in the Capitol. Some will help bake our way through the ambitious list. Some will provide moral support as we work our way through 50 blondies recipes in the month of May, and few will only be called upon to scrawl a blondie review. But all of us will feel the experience of May in Springfield unlike any other.