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Constituent Services

My office is available to assist with a variety of state programs. Click here to learn more.

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Stopgap Budget

This week we returned to Springfield and today passed a package of bills representing a compromise with the Governor and Republicans on a stop-gap budget for fiscal year ’16 and …

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Why I voted no on the Exelon bill

Dec 2, 2016 Comments Off on Why I voted no on the Exelon bill Matt

Over the last few weeks, there has been a great deal of energy and effort put into a bill that has been discussed for the last couple of years in …

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Upcoming Events

Jul 25, 2016 Comments Off on Upcoming Events Matt

Backpack drive, small business incubator, Pokemon and more!

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Pokemon Community Meetup!

Jul 12, 2016 Comments Off on Pokemon Community Meetup! Matt

If you’re like my kids, my staff or hundreds of people in our neighborhood, you may have spent some time over the past week running around catching little monsters on your phone. …

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Peckish Pig Event!

Jul 12, 2016 Comments Off on Peckish Pig Event! Matt Continue Reading

We Mourn and We March

Jun 16, 2016 Comments Off on We Mourn and We March Matt

Dear Neighbors, As the days pass and we learn more about the events at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, human nature drives us to draw conclusions and propose solutions. The complexity …

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Summary of Proposals

Jun 6, 2016 Comments Off on Summary of Proposals Matt

Below is a summary of the various budgetary, education spending and revenue proposals.

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Binder Full of Blondies

Jun 3, 2016 Comments Off on Binder Full of Blondies Matt

As some of you may know, I embarked on a baking project this session. While it may seem frivolous, the goal was to get people talking to each other, to …

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Upcoming Coffee Hours

Jun 3, 2016 Comments Off on Upcoming Coffee Hours Matt

Breakers Update Flyer Rogers Park Update Flyer (1)

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Not So End of Session

Jun 1, 2016 Comments Off on Not So End of Session Matt Continue Reading

Budget Vote Statement

May 25, 2016 Comments Off on Budget Vote Statement Matt

Earlier this evening, the House voted on SB 2048, passing it by a vote of 63-51. It was an appropriations bill covering the needs of state government including education, public …

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